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Get Swole: Cory Gregory's 16-Week Muscle Building Trainer

Swole is more than an adjective. It's a lifestyle. Get Swole will teach you to build muscle, add precise size, and become your biggest and best self.

Swole is an attitude. It's a no-holds-barred, never-give-up, work-smart, one-more-rep, two-more-minutes, get-big lifestyle. Swole is more than size. Swole goes beyond swagger. Swole is the pursuit of your biggest and best self.

Get Swole is my life's work. It's what I do and how I live. It's the result of years of training, coaching, and growing. It's a 4-phase, 16-week muscle-building program designed to maximize lean mass gains and minimize fat gain. It's a clean bulking program built to work for any body type. It's the perfect muscle-building trainer.

Get Swole!

Watch The Video - 04:18


Get Swole works beautifully for classic "hardgainers" because of the intense training schedule and engineered nutrition plan. The program combines heavy weight and high-volume workouts with the correct recovery supplements and quality food to produce substantial growth. If you've had a hard time getting big before, this is the plan for you.


Get Swole is not a dirty bulk, but it will help guys who have followed bad bulks in the past. If you've tried to build muscle by cramming calories and eating everything in sight, then you know the resulting gains are a mixture of fat, bloat, and a little muscle. Get Swole cuts the crap to help you build lean mass without unwanted inches.

Get Swole works well for advanced lifters, too. If you've already got a mean physique and solid foundation, you can use Get Swole as a program change. If you've been spinning your wheels with the same routine, break free and give Get Swole a shot. Train, eat, and supplement with new variables to see new growth.

Swole Specifics ///

Get Swole has four distinct phases. The program includes a series of in-depth phase videos that cover everything you need to know about training, supplementation, and nutrition. These videos also include a detailed, scientific breakdown of your nutrition plan from MusclePharm Executive Director of Medicine, Dr. Mike Kim. The four phases are:

Phase 1: Foundation Phase

This is where we shock your body to hell and lay the true groundwork for the following 12 weeks. The workouts consist of high-volume supersets with minimal rest.

Phase 2: Pyramid Phase

Phase Two introduces the training technique of pyramid sets. This is where you are going to pack on some serious size and strength. Get ready to lift heavy.

Phase 3: Pump Phase

The Pump Phase was inspired by classic bodybuilding routines. We boost the overall training volume to increase your muscle fullness, endurance, and results.

Phase 4: Detail Phase

Get out your chisel. The Detail Phase will help you reveal your newfound muscle through an intense combination of training techniques.

Food List

The Get Swole nutrition plan lets you customize many of your meals. Use this food list to make the program work for you.

Get Swole features a training, nutrition, and supplement guide for each phase. Each sample meal and workout will be broken down in detail. You'll be able to add the entire program to your BodySpace calendar and sync it to your smartphone so you never miss a session. In short, you'll have everything you need to build muscle, add precise size, and get swole.


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