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    General Training For People Who Don't Care About Getting Big Or Ripped!

    By: Mike Mahler

    A good training program will get you in shape so you have more energy for daily life and a higher threshold for stress. Learn more about training for general health with the following: training program, five pillars, and much more! Read on.

    Date Added: Nov 7, 2007


  • Smart Dumbbell Lifting: Iso-Dynamic Training

    By: Nick Tumminello

    Isometric training can be difficult and tedious, but you can reap its benefits with this overload technique. Pick up two dumbbells and start moving one of them!

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2013


  • The Basics Of Getting Leaner.

    By: Pekka Varre

    The easiest and quickest way to improve looks is to burn fat. If you want your body to look tighter, burn calories. If you want your muscles to appear bigger, burn calories.

    Date Added: Jul 1, 2004


  • 5 Dieting Tips For Hardcore Bodybuilders!

    By: AnimalPak

    I'm not saying you have to be a technical wizard with a degree in sports nutrition. You just have to combine some basics with common sense. Here are five tips that should you get started.

    Date Added: May 13, 2004


  • Practical, Functional, Necessary Training!

    By: Jamie Hale

    How is that training for general fitness? As the Renegades know this is not training for general fitness. This is specialized training. You need to utilize a wide array of tools, learn why!

    Date Added: Feb 5, 2004


  • Formulas For Effecting Body Composition Change!

    By: Randy Herring

    A safe and effective lean body mass gain should be no more than 2 pounds per month. Fat loss should be no more than 4 pounds per month. Any more would constitute lean mass (muscle) loss. Learn why!

    Date Added: Jan 14, 2004


  • Three Weeks To Lean!

    By: David Gluhareff

    Are you looking for that get lean program? If you are then this is it. The following is a lean out program for lifters who are stuck in a rut or who are just looking for a change!

    Date Added: Jan 7, 2004


  • The Imperfect Training Program!

    By: Keats Snideman

    What if I told you that I had the perfect training program? Would you be interested? Conversely, what if I told you that I had the imperfect, less than ideal training program. Which of the two would you be interested in? The former of course! Learn all about the IMPERFECT TRAINING PROGRAM.

    Date Added: Jan 6, 2004


  • Bucking the Trend: Get Out Of That Rut!


    Abbreviated training can be a fickle thing. Just when you think you have your training blueprint perfect, your gains dry up. Find out how to get your gains back again!

    Date Added: Jan 2, 2004


  • Stop Having Beginner Workout Blues!

    By: David Gluhareff

    Are you dreading going to the gym? Bored with your current workouts? Not getting the results you need because you're stuck in a rut? Find out what you can do to spice up your workout routines and rev up your metabolism!

    Date Added: Dec 17, 2003


  • Weights Or Cardio: What's It Going To Be?

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Knowing how to balance cardio with weight training can be one of the most challenging aspects of putting together your training program. Learn how to do it here.

    Date Added: Oct 21, 2003


  • Bob Sapp's (The Beast) Training And Nutrition Secrets!

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Lifestyle, training, diet and nutritional supplement use are all important in maximizing strength, performance and muscle mass. Dr. Di has helped Bob Sapp become an anabolic beast at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at over 350 pounds. Bob is has mass and size that has rarely been seen. Did I mention that he is ALL NATURAL?

    Date Added: Sep 4, 2003


  • The Principles Of Bodybuilding.

    By: Clayton South

    Repeatedly I receive letters of thanks from bodybuilders around the world, astounded that philosophy is the chief determinant of bodybuilding success. Find out what they know!

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2003


  • Where Is Real Bodybuilding Information Found These Days?

    By: Clayton South

    When I first became involved in bodybuilding, I would do whatever I saw someone else doing or what the magazines said. I came to ask myself, where is real bodybuilding knowledge? Where is a source that gives knowledge that is effective and that will produce results when applied correctly? Find out what I found!

    Date Added: Aug 1, 2003


  • Five Tips To Improve Your Training Efficiency!

    By: ISSA

    In fact, the following 5 suggestions enabled me to help a 37 year old elite jui jitsu competitor to increase his lean body mass by over 20 pounds during a 15 week training cycle in 1997. Use these methods religiously and you'll start to obtain similar results for your clients! Learn how it can help YOU!

    Date Added: Jul 24, 2003


  • Common Sense Training.

    By: Cyberpump

    Bodybuilders often turn to science for the answer and end up with so many conflicting answers that it makes their heads spin. Science won't help you in many instances, common sense will!

    Date Added: May 19, 2003


  • Add 1 Pound A Week For Continuous Gains!

    By: Cyberpump

    Are you tired of not making any gains? Learn how adding 1 pound a week can help you set new personal records and improve your ego!

    Date Added: May 12, 2003


  • 50 Training Tips For Better Results!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    Looking to get better results from your training, but not sure where to start or what to change? These powerful tips can help you get on the fast track to meeting your goals!

    Date Added: May 7, 2003


  • Why Weight Training Helps You Burn Fat and Lose Weight!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Women also do not become masculine-looking when they build muscle mass. If anything, they develop a more symmetrical, feminine shape. Learn how it can help YOU build muscle and lose fat!

    Date Added: Apr 21, 2003


  • The New High Intensity

    By: Contributing Writer

    There are many theories on HIT, and many HIT workouts such as Max-OT among others, but I'm here to talk about a new HIT philosophy.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2003


  • Raise Your Bench 50-Pounds!

    By: Planet Muscle

    Learn why so many people cannot finish the last 3-5 inches of the bench press and how to increase your bench by 50 POUNDS!

    Date Added: Apr 18, 2003


  • Water Exercise: The Coolest Workout!

    By: Maia Appleby

    Do you want to enjoy your outdoor summer exercise without that sweaty, sticky feeling? How about hopping in the pool and doing your workout the luxurious way? The pool just might be the only place where you can do cardiovascular work, toning and stretching without even feeling like you've broken a sweat!

    Date Added: Apr 18, 2003


  • Breaking The Mold!

    By: Dave Draper

    Break your plateaus! Here is a Draper Diversion you are permitted to enjoy from time to time. It's not exactly a box of chocolates, but then it's not sardine and onion pie either.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2003


  • Considerations For Summertime Fat Loss!

    By: ISSA

    Taking into account these considerations will help an individual design a safe and effective plan for weight loss. Although summer is just around the corner, there is no better time then the present to draw into the fitness lifestyle.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2003


  • TNT, Tips-N-Tricks For Strength And Size!

    By: Critical Bench

    When you're dealing with sticking points in the bench press you have to remember that there are several ways to correct the problem, but most won't work for you. Are you getting stuck at the lockout? Here's some TNT to help you blast that problem!

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2003


  • Add Weights To All Your Lifts Immediately!

    By: Shawn LeBrun

    Do you want to learn a method that will guarantee you will be able to instantly add weight to all of your lifts? Learn how to warm up correctly.

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2003


  • 600 Exercises: How Many Calories Are You Burning?

    By: Contributing Writer

    How many calories are you burning? Use our calculators to find out for over 600 exercises and activities!

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2003


  • Why Do I Need Cardio?

    By: AnimalPak

    Learn why cardio is a must for bodybuilders and what these bodybuilding experts think about cardio. Find out what the EXPERTS think!

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2003


  • Is Swiss Ball Training For You?

    By: ISSA

    Find out if swiss balls are right for you and how to use them properly!

    Date Added: Mar 25, 2003


  • The Advantages Of Two-A-Days!

    By: ISSA

    Try this great way to mix things up, stimulating unprecedented muscle and strength gains, while helping to slash bodyfat.

    Date Added: Mar 20, 2003
  • Packing On The Mass!

    By: Jamie Hale

    By following the guidelines above you should begin to stack on the mass. If you are following these guidelines, but you still can't pack on mass something is wrong. Seek professional help.

    Date Added: Mar 18, 2003‚Äč


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